I’m your carpenter, woodworker, and natural builder.

I design and build special projects with careful craftsmanship. Ecological principles guide the integrity I bring to each build—with low-carbon materials, strategic planning, and empathy. Resilience and beauty is the foundation of my work.

I work with you on every step of your project’s path.



I design collaboratively with you for quality traditional and ecological solutions. My process is systematically oriented on executing the project with materials that contribute to a low-carbon footprint.

Permaculture ∙ Thermal planning ∙ Passive Solar ∙ Resilient Materials ∙ Renewable Energies



My background in carpentry and natural building allows me to build for a wide range of projects. I use a blend of contemporary and traditional building methods to meet the needs of each build and the people who will enjoy it.

Heritage Restoration ∙ New Construction ∙ Renovations and Remodelling ∙ Custom Kitchens ∙ Natural Building (hempcrete, straw bale, earth plasters and floors)



My work is highly detail oriented. I use traditional woodworking practices to expertly execute beautiful features.

Custom Furniture Woodworking Carving Kitchen Wares Cabinetry

I’m Dominic Watson Wall, and I’m the hands and heart behind Oxherder.

Founded in 2012, Oxherder was created to design and build ecologically. I’m a seasoned carpenter with a strong background in natural building, traditional woodworking, and permaculture design. I build things that are meant to last, that are low-carbon, and beautiful.
I offer a level of quality and care in an industrial world that often accepts pre-fabricated goods that quickly deteriorate into waste. I’m material focused, with an awareness and dedication to selecting materials that are resilient and have a low-carbon footprint.

I want to work on special projects for organizations, communities, businesses, and individuals who’d like to explore affordable and ecological building. More than anything, I want to create with people to enrich their lives in a built environment.

The traditional Zen oxherding images, about training the mind, illustrate that the journey is the goal. The same is true in genuine craftsmanship: the product is dependent on the integrity and joy of the process of visioning and making.

My work

This section is under construction. While you wait, enjoy some previews of my favourite projects.

Custom kitchens and cabinetry
Tiny home constructed around a shipping container
A wood fired bakery built into an abandoned shipping container
indoor cedar hot tub
Custom indoor cedar hot tub
Hempcrete House
Hempcrete home built at Dorje Denma Ling
Shaving a wooden counter with a hand plane
Spalted poplar countertop, in process
straw bale walls
Plaster being applied over straw-bale walls

I want to help you build your special project with care and precision. Reach out with any inquiries to get started.

I service Bear River, Digby, Annapolis Royal and everywhere in between.

+1 (902) 580-4244